Who we are

We are a design-build construction firm located in New Braunfels, Texas.  We are proud to have successfully completed nearly 200 projects since our inception.  

We are honored to be recognized as one of the top 3 design-build firms in the Central Texas region.  Rankings included Lake Flato Architects and several other highly respected companies.

We provide design-build services for high-end custom residential and new commercial construction projects.  

We offer: pre-construction planning, architectural design, interior design, construction management, LEED certified building methods (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and complete new construction services.  


Our family roots stem from a long line of builders, craftsman and industry professionals that date back to the early 1950s.

John Woolsey, grandfather, was a building professional involved in the construction management of the California Aqueduct project, which stretches over 700+ miles to provide fresh water to the dense populations in arid southern California.

John Woolsey later moved back to Missouri where he was involved in Woolsey Surveying Co. for several years with his father Leon John Woolsey.  After his father’s retirement from the surveying business, he took a position with a commercial construction company. John Woolsey had a career in the building industry that spanned nearly 50 years and he earned a reputation for excellence in his work.

Rod Woolsey, father, was a builder and hands-on craftsman, he founded Integrity Builders in the early 1980s. Integrity Builders later included his sons, Eli and Leon Woolsey. The father-son team worked together on many projects in the 1990s until 2001.  The homeschool curriculum for Eli and Leon primarily included responsibilities of mastering skilled trades and learning the building business from their father.


Eli Woolsey | President

Eli’s first experiences in the construction industry were working with a family of builders.  He started working with his father as a carpenter’s helper when he was 10 years old, and after the passing of his father, began working as a roofing contractor throughout high school.  During college he worked full-time as a framing contractor while obtaining degrees at Texas State University in San Marcos.  He says he is thankful for his hands-on experience, and believes it gives him the opportunity to provide clients with a high level of quality and hands on experience.  His continuing education has been a benefit to the company’s mission of sustainability and specialization in green building.  His formal education consists of a Master’s degree in Construction Science and Management. Eli is an adjunct faculty professor at Texas State University in the Construction and Engineering department; courses taught include: Construction Cost Estimating, Fundamentals of Construction Science and guest lectures about business development and entrepreneurship.

MATT SCHUMANN | Project Executive & Owner Consultant

Matt has a wide range of commercial construction experience, varying from senior living facilities, LEED certified corporate offices, educational and banking facilities. Matt is an excellent leader, skilled operations manager and driven to produce excellent quality. Owners and design professionals appreciate Matt’s hard-charging attitude and ability to put in the work to ensure field operations are highly efficient.

Julie Woolsey | chief financial officer

Julie is a highly valued member of our team. She is an energetic leader with more than 10 years of management experience. Her outstanding work ethic and attention to detail are vital when keeping track of cost records for multiple projects. Owners appreciate her attentiveness and ability to quickly generate accurate reports and records. Julie’s position as accounting manager plays a critical role in the success of each project. Julie’s education consists of being a Quickbooks certified Pro, and completion of multiple certifications in construction accounting and bookkeeping. 

TJ Grossi | Chief of operations

TJ is from the Chicago area and grew up with a hammer in his hands, working with his father at a young age.  He began his career as a union carpenter and eventually branched out to to start his own business.  An opportunity became available to work for an international construction company as an industrial safety supervisor and eventually this led to a local opportunity as a city building official.   TJ always had a love for rural areas and the warm Southern climate, which led him to look for a building official position in Texas.  The City of New Braunfels offered him the Chief Building Official position and it’s when he made the move to Texas with his family of six.  TJ excelled as a building official, but always had a passion for building and working in the private sector.  He has a vast range of experience in both public and private work, floodplain certifications and project management of a multitude of different construction types.  His latest ongoing project is managing a multi-year resort development with the Woolsey team, consisting of approximately 70 million of total infrastructure.  

kate woolsey | marketing director


Glenn attended Texas State University in San Marcos and received a Bachelors Degree in Construction Science and Management. He also obtained the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification and is a licensed Commercial General Contractor with the International Code Council. Currently he is attending the MBA program at Texas State and his course work focuses on Business Management. Glenn is an excellent team member and understands that estimating is about attention to detail. He is excellent at managing multiple bid due dates, procurement processes and solicitation of construction documents to many subcontractors and suppliers. Glenn’s favorite hobby is competing in Trials motorcycle racing, and has been a state champion and national contender multiple times. 

christy furman | project Engineer

deborah thomas | accountant assistant


Ian is a New Braunfels area native and has a Bachelor’s degree from Tarleton State University.  He’s been with the company for two years and continues to impress with his ability to manage different types of projects, as well as excelling in new leadership positions.  Ian’s experience ranges it from managing multi-million dollar custom homes, multi-story office buildings and condominium projects.

leon woolsey | SUPERINTENDENT




james shelton | business development